12 Apr 2019

Curlywurly bunnies

Hello everyone

Do you like Curlywurly's  -  me  - I love them!

I also like being able to make them into something to give as gifts.

How about these?

Isn't it cute!!

They are quite simple to make so here's how,  in case you would like to have a go

The tube is made from a piece of Whisper White sized at 4 x 8 1/4" (A4 short side)
score at 1" and 2  3/4".  Fold and glue to make flat tube.  Staple at one edge.

Ears = Punch or die cut 2 white ovals and 2 smaller pink ovals
Feet = punch or die cut 2 white ovals, 2  x 1/2" circles, 3 teeny little hearts
Face = punch or die cut 1 pink heart and 1 black heart, 4 peices of twine, I wrapped round 3 fingers and chopped each end.
Eyes = 2 Balmy Blue 1/4" circles

Pull tab = Circle tab punch Whisper White
Pull card = strip of card  1 1/4" x 11 6/9" (A4 long side).  Score at 1 1/2" fold and burnish well. (I used Granny Apply Green).  Attach the pull tab to the top (unfolded edge) wrap this peice of card around Curlywurly and feed folded end first into tube

Hope you enjoy making these

Happy Crafting!

In case you would like some supplies to make these, here are some of the goodies I used.  (note the heart I used for the nose and mouth is a retired punch, but you could use a punch you have in your stash, or a die

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