21 Dec 2021

Stampin' Up! designer series paper rosette decoration

Each year I like to make a Christmas decoration.

This year, I've made some really large ones!

These are lovely to make - they are just a huge accordian style rosettes.

To make I used:

Designer series paper: 12" x 8",  12" x 2", 3 x 2" circles 

To make large rosette:
On long side; score every 1/2"
Turn to short side and cut in half, so designer series paper measures 12" x 4" (2 pieces)
Join both pieces together on short edge, then fold back and forth
Join at short edges to make a circle rosette

Add lots of glue to one side of a 2" circle
Flatten your scored circle and push and close the centre.
I added a big blob of liquid glue to the centre, then place your 2" circle over the centre
Press and hold until glue has set

Follow these instructions to make a roseette using the 12" x 2" piece.

Adhere smaller rosette to larger... tip: use lots of glue on your 2" circles and they should join together perfectly.

Decorate as you wish... this is a chance to use punches, dies - just anything you fancy -for this one I dug out an old punch and punched out some stars from gold foil, then I added a ribbon bow...soooo pretty!

I punched a small hole in my rosettes so a piece of twin can be threaded through so they can be hung up


The designer series paper I used this time, is from my crafty stash, so not available, but they could be made with your favourite!

Happy Crafting!

To make these you do need a trimmer, a score board, scoring tool and lots of glue... you could also do with an extra hand! ))

 circle with the 12" x 2" piece.

Glue both concertina circles together and decorate as you wish.

The designer series paper I chose to use is now retired, but you could make these with any paper from your crafty stash


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