15 Mar 2018

Envelope Punch Board masterclass

I am pleased to announce that I shall be holding a new series of classes.

The first is a masterclass using the Envelope Punch Board.
This is a brilliant punch board.  It was originally designed to easily make envelopes of all sizes, but some bright spark worked out how to make boxes, crackers and so much more, as you will see.

During this class you will have the opportunity to make 8 projects all using the Envelope Punch Board: a cracker, a cutlery holder, a lined envelope, a gift box, a gift card/money wallet, a gift bag holder, a matchbook box and a mini handbag.  I will prepare all the cardstock and Designer Series paper for all the projects and will bring scissors, glue, ribbon and bakers twine.

You will also leave with an instruction sheet so you can make any of the projects again later.

You will need to have an Envelope Punch Board, but believe me you won't regret buying it.. there is more that can be made with it than I can show you in one day. 

The classes will be held at a local coffee shop, the first one will be at L'Incontro cafe in Torrington on 19 April. and I shall need to have your booking and payment for this class before 27 March.
The class will begin at 10.30am and I estimate that we shall not finish until the middle of the afternoon.
No need to worry though, Gary makes yummy food, so we will have a break for lunch.  The cost for lunch or any refreshment is not included in the class.

If you would like to join me on this new adventure,  please contact me.

The cost for the class will be

£31.00 (this price includes ordering an Envelope Punch Board)
£12.00 (this price is if you already have an Envelope Punch Board)

Happy Crafting!


Edited: Here is a picture of us having finished the first masterclass on the 19 April, and look at the finished projects.  Brilliant job, Ladies!

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