16 Nov 2017

Yipeee..... Stamparatus.... a stamping platform by Stampin' Up!

Hello my crafty friends.

I am delighted to let you know that Stampin' Up! have added a stamping platform to their portfolio.  

You might have seen other stamping platforms... I won't mention any names, but this is THE BEST.  I am so excited... I have been thinking of buying a platform for ages and hoped that Stampin' Up! would bring one out.

So my prayers have been answered, not only have they brought one out, but it has features that I would never have thought of.

What is a Stamparatus?

It's an innovative stamp placement tool.  
  • It will give consistently stamp crisp, clean images
  • If you want a darker impression, apply more ink and restamp.  No need to start again.
  • Make fewer mistakes, saving time and money
  • Easily create 2-step, 3-step and 4-step stamped images using reversible plates
  • With it you will be able to make mulitple copies with ease
  • It will help you to stamp more easily, especially if you have difficulty holding stamp blocks

Product details

The Stamparatus:
  • is compatible with Stampin’ Up!’s red rubber and photopolymer stamps
  • includes a foam mat to use with photopolymer stamps
  • has Rulers and gridlines for quick measuring
  • has 2 open sides so you can stamp on larger paper
  • has 2 reversible plates: a total of 4 surfaces to work with
  • has 2 magnets to hold the paper in place and has areas to keep the magnets safe

Retail Price = £44.00. (No need to pay anything at the moment).
Would you like more info?  Please take a look at this You Tube video

How to order:

To get yours, go to my online shop at 9.00pm, log into your account or create one if you haven't already done so and click the link for the Stamparatus.  Complete your details and you will be one of the first to receive your Stamparatus in the first shipment due in February. No money will be due when you reserve your Stamparatus. Payment will be taken off of your card when your Stamparatus is shipped.

The dates when you need to place your reservation and when you can expect delivery are:

Reserve: 16-30 November 2017 available to ship from: 1 February 2018

Reserve: 5-30 December 2017 available to ship from: 19 March 2018
Reserve: 15-30 January 2018 available to ship from: 15 April 2018

So pop to my shop and place your reservation today.

Please don't delay, you don't want to miss out.


Update17 November:  Wow! this was so popular, the ordering window has closed for the moment.  Don't worry though it will be opening again, so watch this space, I will let you know when it opens again.

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