17 May 2014

Womens Institute Group meeting 2014

Every year 8 different Women's Institutes get together for a special meeting.  This year it was the turn of Beaford WI who were celebrating being 90.

As part of the meeting, as well as a fabulous tea and a speaker, there is a competition.  The theme this year was a 90th birthday tea party. We were allowed to include 4 items: a cake, a card, a posy of flowers and another item.   We have to follow strict WI rules, the table can only be a certain size, the covering has to be done a particular way.

In our own WI we had a competition for each of the items to be included and I won the competition for the card.

On the day, each display was marked by ladies from our area WI....  this was really nerve racking as each of the items is very carefully scrutinised and a card left with its own score.

Here is a picture of the card I made

Here is the comments card

Wow! was I surprised to get the best score of the day for the card part of the challenge - and best of all one of the judges came up to me and gave me a commission, so that just proves she really like it.

Unfortunately we didn't come first, we came third... there was only 1.5 points between the top three.

I don't have a picture of the whole table yet...but will add one when I get it.