Are you interested?

in receiving £130 worth of Stampin' Up! products

and only paying £99?

Are you already a papercrafter who wants products that coordinate seemlessly?
Would you like a new hobby?
Would you like to earn 20% discount off your purchases?

If you answered yes to any of these, 
then buying the starter kit and joining Stampin' Up! is just for you.

You can buy the starter kit and join Stampin' Up! for just £99

The starter kit is fully customisable -
Yes, you can choose exactly the products you want or need

If you are just starting out and need a recommendation, then I can help you with that too

For £99 you will receive:
  • your choice of up to £130 worth of Stampin' Up! products
  • a business pack valued at £45
  • Free shipping
That's a total of £175 for just £99

What do I have to do as a demonstrator?

First: shop and enjoy having at least 20% discount
There is more to earn.. the more you purchase, the more rewards you will earn.

Second: use your crafty stash and make gorgeous cards or 3d projects

BUT! I hear you say - it says 'Demonstrator'
I don't want to demonstrate - don't worry, you don't have to 
YOU can simply be a savvy, happy shopper!


What do I need to have ready?

Have your list of products you want to put into your Starter Kit ready, have the product id codes ready - this makes the process quicker as you can use the search function, and add each code one by one.

Decide how you will pay for your Starter Kit - credit, debit card or PAYPAL

  1. Click here to be taken to the JOINING page
  2. Make sure my name - Wendy Porter - is showing as the demonstrator you are joining with
  3. Add your own details, name, address and agree to the Stampin' Up! terms and conditions
  4. Add your chosen products into your Starter Kit. 
  5. Confirm you wish to join
Once you have JOINED you will receive an email from Stampin' Up! welcoming you and confirming you have joined with me.  Your email will contain your demonstrator id and password.  

Then, all you need to do is keep an eye open for your 'Big Brown Box' to be delivered

The Crafty Piglets

Once you join you become a Crafty Piglet.  That is the name of my team...I love piggies!!
We have our own private Facebook group and you would be most welcome to join us there too if you are a Facebook User, if you don't then please don't worry, I am always here to help

I hear there is a quarterly minimum.  What is this?

Yes there is a quarterly minimum. 
To stay an active demonstrator, you need to buy approximately £275 (RETAIL amount) worth of products each quarter.
Of course you are going to earn your demonstrator discount on this amount.
The amount approximately you will pay is about £235 which works out about £78 a month
However, when you first join, you only need to meet the quarterly mimimum at the end of the next full quarter.  So, if you join in May you can purchase to your hearts content and earn 20% discount till the end of September... if at the end of September you have not reached £275 (Retail amount) then no bother, you will cease to be a demonstrator and can continue being a customer (of mine hopefully). 
There is no pressure to stay and of course you keep your starter kit.
If you need to chat this over, please I am hear to help.

Am I obliged to stay?

Absolutely not.  If you decide for any reason that you no longer wish to remain a demonstrator, you just stop buying and your account will be closed, with no penalty to you.
You keep everything you have purchased and enjoy using it!

When should I JOIN?

I hear that sometimes, during the year Stampin' Up! has special JOINING promotions. 

When do these happen?
Stampin' Up! announces JOINING promotions during the year.  My suggestion is DO NOT WAIT, if you would like to JOIN, do it now...  this the standard JOINING deal is great!

Should I wait?
I would say no, don't wait!  You want to start crafting with your Starter KIt and having a discount.

I  still have questions?

Then please contact me... I love talking about being a demo, and I am sure I will be able to answer most of your questions.

Look forward to welcoming you to The Crafty Piglets

Wendy xx